I started taking this super loaded vitamin B combo about a month ago. My foot pain has decreased to a manageable level and I could not be more pleased. One would think I worked for the company for all the praise I heap upon it. It might work for you.



Causes of PN

Here is an article on the American Family Physician web site describing the differences in the types of peripheral neuropathy and some of the causes. It is a very technical article but there is enough there that you will be able get a lot of good information. Very valuable article and I highly recommend.

Jan speaks out

Hi all,
I have been known all my life as an independent thinker. I have made my own choices, fought hard so others could make their own. I do not tell others how to live, what to do or how to do it. I feel everyone should be responsible for your own lives. I think that we gather in groups to exchange information and ideas. We may find something that works for our neuropathy and we share that info.

That never means that we all flock to try it. That means we can choose to research it if we wish and talk to professionals about it if we wish. For us, I think that we find remedies that work for us that we don’t necessarily learn from doctors. Sometimes grandmothers or next door neighbors are the best people from whom to learn.

Does this mean I eschew doctors? Of course not. I hire a doctor the same way I hire employees. I interview them, find out their views on pain, pain meds, and treatment plans. Based on what I find I may or may not use that doctor as a consultant. Doctors work for us, not the other way around. We hire them. We can fire them. It’s easy.

I treat my PN with vitamins and supplements and diet. I am vegan and have been for years and years. It helps. Do you have to do the same? Hell, I don’t care. You have to find out what works for you and do it. And if you learn something else to try, you can do that too. I think we all have to keep trying to control our PN pain the best way we know how. And that’s my philosophy on pain, PN and life in general.

Soldier on.

More Lines Eligible For Federal Funding

By Shankar Vedantam

Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 Hundreds of embryonic stem cell lines, whose use in the United States had effectively been curtailed

APF Petition

As many of you know already, Life in America includes pain for many, many people. May I ask you to look at this petition and if you agree with it, to add your voice? Thanks so much!

Urge FDA to Protect the Rights of People with Pain – The Petition Site

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is currently working with makers of long-acting opioid pain medications to devel (4075 signatures on petition)

July 7, AM

Well, it has certainly been an interesting day so far today.

I needed to remove myself from a group that I was participating in. I was drawn to it because of the intelligence and insight of some of the participants but then one discussion seemed to go down hill as they sometimes do. I do not shy away from an argument or a confrontation but I was not in that particular group to argue over anything. I liked the people and thought I could learn a few things. I guess I did learn something but not exactly what I had in mind. LOL

It has also been a painful morning. A bad headache and very painful feet so  far today. I was feeling pretty good yesterday and neglected to take my medicine. Payback. When will I learn. LOL

The last day of my all too brief time away from work and I don’t want it to end with this crappy headache and my feet acting up this way.

If Jan or Linda are listening in, I will get in touch or drop a line if you like. That goes for anyone else as well from the group.